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Sinead O’Connor - Love Is Ours Lyrics

Sinead O’Connor – Love Is Ours Lyrics 

Your gentle love
Is everything i dreamed of
Since i first heard of love
So long ago, …so long ago
When there was only fear
And it still lives inside me here
Like a good friend i don’t want near

Who wears the scars of the war between me and the stars?
The mother and the father of all wars
Look in my heart,
My raging heart
The one that’s still smashed all apart
My raging heart,
Is just like yours

But if the truth be told
It’s time for all those things to get old
And time to let go

Oh pain and fear
And anything that don’t keep happiness near
For love is ours
God knows we are in it with our hearts

Will you love my heart?
The one that’s still smashed all apart
My raging heart
Will you love my heart like i love your heart?
Your tender, gentle heart
Your heart that’s still so sore

Let love be ours, ours, ours
Let be ours

My aching heart, my aching heart

[Sinead O’Connor – Love Is Ours Lyrics]

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