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Sarah Connor- Are U Ready To Ride? Lyrics

Sarah Connor- Are U Ready To Ride? Lyrics

And I wanna see you get it up
Are u ready to ride?
And I bet you never get enough
Are u ready to ride?

[Verse 1:]
Sittin’ here alone and it’s a Saturday night
Waitin’ for your call to make me feel alright
Telephone is ringin’ now we’re ready to fly
Tell me secret stories ’til the end of the night


[Verse 2:]
We’re just makin’ love without a physical touch
Let me hear you talkin’, I can’t get enough
Everybody else is wondering if we’re alright
They will never know what we are feeling tonight
You better make it
You better take it
You better whisper, come on mister at the end of the line


So if you find somebody who can turn you on
You better grab that body, don’t you wait too long
’cause if you show resist
And I won’t fuss or fight
Just tell me now, are u ready to ride

[Sarah Connor- Are U Ready To Ride? Lyrics]

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