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Rob Thomas - Real World '09 Lyrics

Rob Thomas –  Real World ’09 Lyrics

Hey yeah
Welcome to the real world
Nobody told you it was gonna be hard you said
Hey yeah
I cant believe it
I barely started now I’m falling apart

And its hard
Standing at the crossroads
But having all the answers
Never helped me out, no

Then a boom shake
Helps me awake
I need some coffee, yeah
And maybe a shave and
Its a pretty bad way to start my today
Turn on the radio and what does he say

And the stars
They were shining through the window
You feel a little moon glow kind of like a rainbow
But then a boom shake
Now I’m awake
I think its over but its everyday and
Its a pretty fine mess I’m starting to make
I couldnt tell you I was never afraid

[Rob Thomas –  Real World ’09 Lyrics]

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