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Red Cafe - Jeep Shit Lyrics (feat. Fabolous & Paul Wall)

Red Cafe – Jeep Shit Lyrics (feat. Fabolous & Paul Wall) 

[Intro: Red Cafe]
Uh-Oh (Uh-Oh)
(This shit go bling bling this shit go bling bloaw)

[Chorus: Red Café]
Dis aint nothin for da radio (radio)
Dis Jeep Shit for da club (club)
Make the big booty girls feel sexy (sexy)
If ya like it rub on ya milkshake (This Red Café)
Dis aint nothin for da radio (radio)
Dis Jeep Shit for da club (yea phizzal)
Make the big booty girls feel sexy (sexy)
If ya like it rub on ya milkshake (milkshake)

[Verse 1: Red Café]
It all shines like bright lights crazy
Net Vanilla Icy Icy Baby
Naw M&Ms yes I’m shady
Flow like Biggie after I lazy (whoaaaa)
Ring da alarm (Bling Bloaw)
Ring da alarm
Ten-caret pinky from David Bling (what else)
I guess I’m tha Lord of Da Rings (what else)
Hazard lights on dat S-D charm
And da chain swing like a good Barry Bonds
Ask Akon-see I’m a convict
Bling Bloaw II DJ rewind it!

[Chorus: Red Café]

[Verse 2: Fabolous]
Hey yo I shine like a disco ball
So I talk greasy-like my mouth’s fulla Crisco All
The medallion make em think I’m from Frisco yall
Now I could go wide or go like Sisco yall
But, I aint talkin bout bleachin my hair (Uh-huh)
I’m speakin on a court, drop studs in each of my ears
Two arms longer den Odom’s
By da scrotom
Loud em quick as a modem
Den I squeeze
Beggin nigga please (uh-huh)
I’m regula wit deez (uh-huh)
So icy my body temp is negative degreez
Bulletproof Infinity truck
Cuz in da hood when ya ride thru
You might have Kennedy’s luck (Real Talk)
The lips poke out on the rims like they blowin a kiss (kiss sound)
I’m usually pushin befo ya name go on da list
And ya lucky if ya happen to know
Capitol L-Capitol O
Capitol S-Capitol O

[Chorus: Red Café]

Stop snitchin-Get money
Stop hatin-Get money
Stop snitchin-Get money
Er’body-Get money

[Verse 3: Paul Wall]
Paul Wall
Gotta pocket fulla money and a mouth fulla ice
I’m frozen from head to toe don’t even ask me da price
See me flippin in da duece Coupe top dismantled
Lookin at a flick on the flash screen in my pannel
Spendin money like it’s no worry
Stackin paper in a hurry
Diamonds in my mouth
I’m all styled like a McFlurry
I got da watch full of flawless diamonds
Now dat’s what the fuck I call perfect timin
I got da icy grill, platinum grill, gold grill
I take a breath and evrybody catchin cold chills
It’s Paul Wall baby stars down and icy down
Diamonds in my mouth that’s how we do it in da H-town baby

[Chorus: Red Café]

Paul Wall
Red Café
Hold up

[Red Cafe – Jeep Shit Lyrics (feat. Fabolous & Paul Wall)]

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