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Plain White T's- Anything Lyrics

Plain White T’s- Anything Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I see your face
In the frame on my desk
It meant a lot
Now it means a lot less
It’s just a place
For the dust in my room to rest
I see the letters
That were written for me
They said you cared
And I totally believed
They didn’t mention
That five months later you’d leave

You could’ve told me anything [x3]
To make me understand
’cause I don’t understand

[Verse 2]
I see the bracelet
You gave me back then
Made it for me
So I’d never forget
It must have worked
‘Cause I haven’t forgotten you yet
I see the bed
Where we used to mess around
We’d talk for hours
Before you’d go down
That was before
You decided not to keep me around

[Chorus x2]

You could’ve told me why you had to go
I try to tell myself just let it go
But I see your face, it’s everywhere I go

[Chorus x2]

No, I don’t understand

[Plain White T’s- Anything Lyrics]

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