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Pitbull - Open Letter (Freestyle) Lyrics

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Pitbull – Open Letter (Freestyle) Lyrics

Mr. worldwide
First letter of Cuba, is an open letter
So you know I had to do this
Let’s start like this

[Verse 1]
Born in Miami, right on time
Scarface, El Mariel, Cuban crime
Admit it if you want to, truth is the truth, lie if you want to
Politics, yeah that’s politic
Let’s not act like half of our families ain’t flipped bricks
We made Miami something from nothing
Let’s not forget that we came from nothing
Los judios del caribe, ahora estan jodios en el caribe
Blood is blood don’t act like we anemic
Elián got snatched back, the whole world seen it
Russian missile crisis had America skating on nuclear ice
Bay of Pigs big bluff
We thought they had our back, but they left us straight stuck
I ain’t here to hold a grudge
I love the freedom that has been given to us
Now break down us, get it? U-S that’s right god bless

[Hook x2]
Here’s the freedom we ride for, here’s the freedom we die for
C-u-b-a hope to see you free one day

[Verse 2]
Abuela y tía, Sierra Maestra, wich led to my mother in “Pedro Pan”
In cuba hit the lotto that means get your family search for freedom and run
Havanna made Vegas, ask Meyer Lansky
That’s if you know where his grave is
Hermanos al rescate, brothers to the rescue
Don’t agree with the change Castro talk
But it’s hard to understand unless they educate you
Politicians loves to hate you
But then they runaway when it’s time to debate you
Question of the night, would they have mess with Mr. Carter if he was white?
Hm, rhyme with treasury
When way another in Cuba is where they’ll bury me
Happy 5th year anniversary, Jay and B don’t worry it’s on me

[Hook x2]
Here’s the freedom we ride for, here’s the freedom we die for
C-u-b-a hope to see you free one day

Y para todo el mundo en Cuba
Con la ayuda de dios, nos vemos pronto

[Lyrics to Open Letter (Freestyle) by Pitbull]

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