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Outasight - On My Way Lyrics

Outasight – On My Way Lyrics 

I’m on my way
I’m not sure how the rest goes
Soon as I do, I’ll let you know
I’m on my way
I’m not sure how the rest goes
Soon as I do, I’ll let you know

[Verse 1:]
Beat skipping like we throwing a stone
Party start jumping ’round one in the morn
Two turntables and one long night
Morning come quick but stopping ain’t right
And I’m hopping this flight on the road less traveled
Did my dirt, got stuck in the gravel
Bright lights, big city, face of the apple
Grazed in the pastures, placed with no masters
The face of disaster could stare right back
Johnny walker black for a long nightcap
Yeah, I roll like that so if you rolling with me
It’s a long haul, the straight nitty gritty
Bad luck won’t stop so please no pity
Be home real soon, come back in a jiffy
Rain against my window like I’m talking to missy
If I’m gone tomorrow, will they ever really miss me?


[Verse 2:]
And they say you never miss something till it’s gone
Spent my early 20’s sitting high at home
Going to school and playing the course
Heard a million times you can do better off
Losing your ambitions, messing ’round is fun
Wake up ’round noon, dropped out 21
And I didn’t say any of this is an achievement
Meaning I don’t need no nod of agreement
Hard headed, stubborn to a fault
180’d those in the way, a true summersault
‘Cause it’s hotter than July when the pressure start to melt
Every emotion on the sleeve and every lyric felt
Any melody sang comes out like a belt
Heard all across the world and I’m highly compelled
To figure out this story that I have to tell, I wonder if I will


[Outasight – On My Way Lyrics]

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