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Outasight - Complicated Lyrics

Outasight – Complicated Lyrics 

This is where the talking ends and life begins
Let’s start again, it’s hard out here
Why does it have it to be so complicated?
This is where all the conversation stops and life begins
Why does it have to be so complicated?

[Verse 1:]
Welcome to my world where imagination kept running
Sprinting and sprinting, still trying to catch up
Walk into the bedroom of that only child
Singing and humming, what would be his future?
A prep school graduate with a C average
But I never seemed average
I would talk all night bout being Outasight
But I never kareem’d Magic till I put the words to bed
And woke up the action and canned the laughter
I ain’t trying to make a stand, I’m trying to fill up the rafters


[Verse 2:]
Explanations repeat in my mind
Voices skipping back and forth like stones ‘cross the pond
Taking trips down memory lane don’t bring pain
They be making me feel a certain way about those wasted days
And when I hear about acquaintances through old friends
I still hear they hating to no end
I shouldn’t even waste my breath on ’em
‘Cause if I confronted ’em, they’d get all choked up
And I wouldn’t waste my breath on ’em
And I wish death on none except my old self
The lost kid who thought he was owed wealth
‘Cause he was so I’ll, oh well


[Outasight – Complicated Lyrics]

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