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Outasight - Better Late Than Never Lyrics

Outasight – Better Late Than Never Lyrics 

[Verse 1:]
Open my eyes, hung over around somewhere quarter to four
The only reason I did ‘cause I heard you knocking at my door
And oh, I would like you to know that
Not every moment so picture perfect or Kodak
Trying to be the new me, get rid of the throwback
You probably heard this before
Get ready for the night, think it was ‘round quarter to ten
The only reason I’m going out ‘cause I heard you was back again
And oh, I would like you to realize
I feel the same pressure and I know what it feel like
When people ask me when I’m joining the real life
And I don’t know what to say to them

We all make mistakes, I’m trying to catch a break
Putting the past away
It’s better late than never to get together
Whether or not I want to

[Verse 2:]
Everything seemed alright tonight when I first hit the strip
But things start to change right away upon the first sip
Your return bittersweet, misery loves company
And it loves me, no romance or hold hands
I’m no fan of the same damn drama
Please change the program and say what you wanna
I tried to play the background but I’m a front runner
Comma, something stopped me in the middle of my sentence
Dropped all my worries, never picked ‘em up
Till now, my glass half empty but it filled out
But one shot of you and it spills out
What’s the problem? I’m trying to figure it out, it’s out my hands now


[Verse 3:]
Everyone says I’ve been doing it wrong
Should follow the crowd and move it along
Take another drag and flick it away
Worry about tomorrow, I’m here today
I’m here today, I’ve made mistakes and I’m running late
I’ve made mistakes and I’m here today and I’m running late

[Hook 3X]

[Outasight – Better Late Than Never Lyrics]

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