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Omarion - Arch It Up Lyrics (Feat. Trae Tha Truth)

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Omarion – Arch It Up Lyrics (Feat. Trae Tha Truth)


I walk in and i turn up
Pockets full of them hundreds
Girl i know that you want it
Oh my god you got Omarion in your city
Its maybach maybach
So baby girl relax and hop in that maybach maybach
Girl you wannna follow my protocol
As long as your clothes keep falling off
Its Gucci gucci
I won’t waste your time
Let me serenade your mind tonight

Let me serenade your mind tonight
Imma do you right all right girl
I will show you what i got in mind
When you arch your back
I love it when you do it like that girl

Arch it up arch arch it up
Arch it up arch arch it up
Arch it up arch arch it up
For me yeah
Arch it up arch arch it up
Arch it up arch arch it up
When you arch your back I love it when you do it like that girl

Arch it over me baby arch it over me darling
Its 1 am in the morning i keep by your side
And I’m kissing all down your spine girl
Baby baby just lay back and let me blow your mind
you’re out of line for your body baby
Here i am deep inside you baby
I wanna take you on a ride
So arch it for me tonight


Baby threes nothing saying but stay major
Lace off aint nobody trying to come save ya
Trying to run up in ya like it was game time
Got a few in the body and cant fade ya
Say you man got a lock but imma pass him
I’m the king of the streets you better ask him
I hear you riding stick when you in front of the rarri
I aint worried about it I’m bout it I’m bout to crash him
I know that fly shit cool but I’m a thug for days
Old school with the swag franky beverly mase
I know the streets aint safe but you can tell him it pays
Wardrobe high-class trying to get him a raise
I’ve been in it a minute but I aint ready to stop
I aint nothing like haters rather see you on top
Haters get off your clothes rather open up shop
I aint worried bout time stone froze up the watch
I don’t say shit boy i shoot shots
Headboard knock you can hear it up the block
In a minute ill have it going down like Joc
Aint nothing here fake you can tell how I rock
Bout that life tell him stop that pose
My grill is platinum baby then yours gold
See the truth is hot but everything else cold
I’m what’s not everything your soul


Imam let it ride
I got some questions for you
Tell me what’s your name
Tell me what’s your sign
Tell me what you into
Tell me what you like
If your Rolls Royce came tomorrow tell me what would you do with it
And if you could see the future baby would you see me in
Would you date me for a minute
Girl before you let me hit it
Are you single are you taken
Working towards your education
I’m just asking im just saying
What’s your situation
Cause I see you across the room and you the baddest in the building
What’s up

[Omarion – Arch It Up Lyrics (Feat. Trae Tha Truth)]

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