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Obie Trice - Spill My Drink Lyrics

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Obie Trice – Spill My Drink Lyrics

Let me get right

Muh’fuckers poppin at me
Baby mama say I can’t, be the pappy all this propaganda with my family
E’rything I got wasn’t hand to me
Had to hit the block so gradually became the man I be (be, be)
Sorry that my pop wasn’t a man to me
Had to opt for different boyfriends my mammy handed me
Performin mammograms on her while I play Atari
Scarred me, horribly, horribly [sips drink]
Lock that thought out, but at times I lose perspective
No disrespect but I was forced to think reckless
In and out of courts for usin illegal methods
Guess them poor choices left us disconnected
The one who points the finger got four for pointin back
Nothin can come between us, I’m hopin you knowin that
And if I let you down can’t keep holdin it on my back
I gotta stay focused where my sanity’s at, sanity’s at

Dodgin all these darts in my thoughts I seek
Can’t let these people spill my drink
I’ma mob like a boss ’til I’m off in my casket’s reach
Won’t let these niggaz spill my drink
I’m ridin through the city sippin Henny with my thoughts in sync
Can’t let these niggaz spill my drink
To my niggaz gettin money still hungry tryin to stay on your feet
Don’t let these niggaz spill yo’ drink (drink, drink)

E’rybody lookin at me, like the boy lookin scraggly
Since he ain’t with Shady like, e’rything collapsed behind me
A contract don’t define me
It just reminds me that I’m givin up my paper to sign me
And with the dismay of my record release delay I
see who was close, somehow they slipped away now
Price to pay when you ball then get on your A.I.
Crossover was cold, now O’s under the radar
To e’rything I cherish gotta be re-established
All cause the marriage didn’t succeed, it perished
The characters I used to feed all vanished
Left me on my knees, bleedin with no bandages
No gauze when I fall, but even through it all
I handled this way to ball, mechanics is
kept at a hundred, them other niggaz is amateurs
Guess that’s the law of averages – eww


So even when you’re dreamin and I’m, intervenin demons
Get to, workin on your inner bein, let ’em know you see ’em
When the G that’s within got ya, infra-red schemin
Keep me in your head instead, you don’t need to bleed ’em
Cause a boat with no anchor is a boat that’s gon’ sail
You don’t even need them folks, all’s well
May they all burn in hell, cause when all else fails
You the truth, your blue glass won’t spill


[Obie Trice – Spill My Drink Lyrics]

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