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Obie Trice - Crazy Lyrics (feat. MC Breed)

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Obie Trice – Crazy Lyrics (feat. MC Breed)

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
They say I’m crazy, and I don’t give a fuck
Goose in the cup, 40 by the nuts
Crazy (lay a nigga down like what)
Cause they don’t know nothin ’bout me

[Obie Trice]
Trice is the truth, puncture your roof
If what I enunciate ain’t gettin through you
Listen nigga, School Craft raised me
Hey bay-bay, you don’t wanna fuckin play with me
I got the K covered up in the back
Got the pistol on my side nigga, O stay strapped
Stacks in the jeans, this is a natural thing
I don’t act out a movie, I’m actually the scene
I pull up on the scene, nigga holla back
With a bad bitch Italian and black
They don’t take double takes, they take Kodaks
Coast through the club relaxed, where the V.I.P. at
Coast under the cub, post underneath the duds
Supposed to, I’m a muh’fuckin thug
But they say he crazy cause he don’t give a fuck
First nigga play me, light his ass up


[Obie Trice]
Yeah I’m crazy, the hood made me
So O abide by the code on the daily
Niggaz get it twisted, bitches get it twisted
Cause I live like unrealistically
Ay, my nigga Breed in the booth with me
Motor City ’til them paul bearers dig me
underneath the soil
Ain’t no future in your frontin, nigga I’m Detroit loyal

[MC Breed]
Oh so what you know karate? I know crazy
Hit you with somethin leave your left side lazy
Comin for the whole shebang, yup, believe that
Take it like I want it, get behind ya like I need that
‘Til I get more “Whassup’s” than Martin
Get drunk, come through, bust up the party
Tonight, very night, Breed and Obie Trice
You say our ass crazy, yeah you motherfuckin right


[Obie Trice]
Say I need Ritalin, cause when the choppers start riddlin
Bodies start droppin, disappearin
Tempers start flarin, nigga nuttin up
Ain’t no comin back from that bruh
Ay, bad days some faggot in a bag
Give a fuck what neighborhood you at
What Dilla dick you suckin, when the pistols buckin
Lord knows someone family’s sufferin
And I ain’t the nigga that’ll start the beef
I lay back, I ain’t got a problem with G
But lick her and niggaz like twelve hits of E
Suicidal, somebody on their way to meet Jesus
These demons keep chasin me
Get away from me, or the AK speaks
No wonder why they see him as a freak
Say he crazy, in the muh’fuckin street


[Obie Trice – Crazy Lyrics (feat. MC Breed)]

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