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Miranda Lambert - Over You Lyrics

Here's Miranda Lambert's newest release, a song titled "Over You". The country singer declared that the song she wrote has a very personal value to her, her exact words being: "It's a very, very personal song". The new single will be included on Miranda's upcoming album "Four the Record" (2011) which is set for release on November 1st, 2011. The song was written in collaboration with her husband, Blake Shelton, and it's about the death of his brother in a 1990 car accident.

Miranda Lambert – Over You Lyrics

Verse 1:
Weather man said it’s gonna snow
By now I should be used to the cold
Mid-February shouldn’t be so scary
It was only December
I still remember the presents, the tree, you and me

But you went away
How dare you?
I miss you
They say I’ll be ok
But I’m not going to ever get over you

Verse 2:
Living alone here in this place
I think of you, and I’m not afraid
Your favorite records make me feel better
Cause you sing along
With every song
I know you didn’t mean to give them to me

But you went away
How dare you?
I miss you
They say I’ll be ok
But I’m not going to ever get over you

It really sinks in you know when I see it in stone
Cause you went away, how dare you?
I miss you
They say I’ll be ok
But I’m not going to ever get over you

[Miranda Lambert – Over You Lyrics] Thanks to user Kate and Kelsey for the contribution.

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  • Larry Powell says:

    Love the song. Thank you for writing and performing it. I lost my twin brother about three years ago. I think of him every day since.

  • Lindsey says:

    I lost my dad last May to cancer. He was only 51 years young. I sometimes ask him how he could leave me. I am getting married this year, and hate that he will not be able to walk his baby girl down the aisle. This song really hits close to home. Miss you daddy <3

  • Linda Galentine says:

    Heard the song on the voice and it hit a place in my heart,my son was killed in a car crash 2/24/12,he hit a tree and it mentioned bout feburary,and i how live at the house where he lived,i play his music,but i feel his spirit is with me.i know i will never get over him,he was my baby boy but i got to spend 33 years with him.what a wonderful song THANK YOU!

  • jag mohan sethi says:

    I know lost of someone from life specially WIFE

  • sandi says:

    Love this song! Lost my brother 4 years ago and I will never forget him!

  • kaylabeth says:

    the first time few times i heard this song i would cry and cry. In december my boyfriend broke up with me. so i know how its feels. Its a beautiful song, thanks Miranda

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  • Zippy says:

    I came to see the lyrics to the song once again, cause it gives me power to go on. @tasha don’t worry, I’m sure he’s watching over you.

  • Anie Ioland says:

    “I think of you, and I’m not afraid” don’t be afraid..
    if you have that person in your life, don’t let her go.if she/he still leaves, maybe it’s not deserving you

  • angie says:

    @tasha sorry to hear that 🙁

    this song is amazing.thank you Miranda for such beautiful words

  • tasha says:

    this song hit so close to home that i couldn’t believe it.. my dearest Erick was killed on February7, 2007 and the last time that i saw him was in December. i heard this song and couldn’t stop crying because there is finally a song that says how i exactly mean to say.. thank you!!

  • lynda says:

    this song brought tears to my eyes.what a wonderful women you are.

  • Tim says:

    Absolutely beautiful and heart-wrenching Miranda. Thank you!

  • Zippy says:

    the song is so sad 🙁 but wonderful at the same time. i love it

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