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Man Overboard - Stood Up Lyrics

Man Overboard – Stood Up Lyrics

I can’t believe you didn’t come here when I waited.
After everything we talked about and all the drama we created.
You don’t even have time for me.
You say that you’re depressed,
Well darling welcome to the club now take a seat.

You won’t feel better in the morning,
I’ll still exist and you’ll still feel incomplete.

If you want to talk to me
Then I promise I’ll stop begging you to love me
And I’ll stop begging you to come by.
If you wanna stop you’re crying,
I would kiss you till the sun came up
And we’d be happy without trying.

But now I know how quick you’d turn around
And now I know when you were lying.

Her pretty face…
I didn’t know your name when I found this place
And it doesn’t look the same.
You don’t seem the same.
You can take the sweet life
And I’ll take all the blame.

[Lyrics to Stood Up by Man Overboard]

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