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Machine Head - Locust Lyrics

Machine Head – Locust Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Sweet caress grazes my skin. It’s loveless, these hooks sink in.
Behind an angel’s disguise, an insect preys.
Mandibles cut like a knife, a reckoning.

[Pre-Chorus 1:]
Forming clouds, their shadow shrouds. Louder the tattered wings they sound.
Descending down.

[Chorus 1:]
Down they come, the swarm of locusts. Skies above converge to choke us.
Feast of souls consume the harvest. Young and old, suffer unto the locust.

[Verse 2:]
Surrender, these veins are bled. Devoured, nothing sacred. Strings pull the marionettes.
See how they dance upon the winds that beget our pestilence.

[Pre-Chorus 1]

[Chorus 1]

[Interlude 1:]
Forming clouds
Their shadow shrouds
Louder the tattered wings they sound
Descending down

Down they come
The swarm of locusts
Skies above
Converge to choke us
Feast of souls
Consume the harvest
Young and old
Suffer unto the locust

Bleeding from my eyes, this plague is sent to erase us.
Bleeding from inside, these vermin can’t infiltrate us.

[Interlude 2:]
Faith appears, and holds a candle. Hark, the angels sing.

[Pre-Chorus 2:]
Forming clouds, their shadow shrouds. Louder the tattered wings they sound.

[Chorus 2:]
Tear the veil, the lies derail. Purity ever will prevail. Trumpets sound the shattered crown.
Halos of truth now they surround. The charade comes down.

[Chorus 1]

[Machine Head – Locust Lyrics]

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