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Ludacris- Woozy Lyrics (feat. R. Kelly)

Ludacris- Woozy Lyrics (feat. R. Kelly)

[Intro – R. Kelly]
Whoo… Kel… Chris…
And clubbin on some smooth shhh…

[1st Verse – Ludacris]
Ludacris can’t hide or deny that I wanna get you down to them Vickie Seeecretsss
and your body I won’t misguide mistreat or misleeeeead it
Hate it up, love it, they can’t cut it, so strut it
Number one shaker, like Vick’s vapor I wanna fuckin ruuuuuub it
Louisville slug it hit em with a right left, its goooooone
tell every last one of ya girls how good it was and its gone be onnnnnn
Soul Train, wood grain, from meeeee
no pain, no gain, its so plain to seee
they be like “I’ve been feelin kind of stressed can you blow my back out?”
and I’m like “Yea but don’t trip if I happen to yank a track out”
when I get done its smooth sailin once I pull that ‘Lac out
next destination I move forward like Jerry Stackhouse
And 1, have fun, when you chillin with Ludi
Slow grind and slow jams while I’m feelin yo booty
we’ll hold hand and hold times when I’m up in that coochie
you so fine I’m so sad that you feelin so wooooozy

[Chorus – R. Kelly]
Got you feelin woozy baby (baby)
And thats hows it gonna be when I take you from the club to the crib
on dubs and I get you in the bed with meeee (in the bed with me)
your so pretty, and so sweaty and so sexy and so ready
girl I’m surprised you this nastyyy
but its cool cuz I always wanted to go down on a girl that reminds me of me
so get upstairs, get yo clothes off and get them sexy legs legs in a ‘V’ (yup)
your vision blurry as if you were seeing two of me (two of me)
you so fine I’m so sad that you feelin so wooooozy

[2nd Verse]
Will YOU, make me feel like I just hit the lotto
other girls I give ’em a shoulder colder than Chicago
But in ya center I heat it up in the Mourning like Alonzo
and I’d get it, I’d bit it, I’d split it, I’d hit it up in a Tahoe
Bravo, make make make it clap I’d break break break ya back
then tuck tuck tuck you in so you can take take take a nap
then back to makin dividends I’m in the wind
somewhere hot, I stay on islands longer than Gulligan
sippin on a pina colada, little mama I’mma make ya holla
how does it sounds when you makin love on a Million dollars
I can only imagine lets make it real baby
like D’Angelo “How does it feel” baby
I know I talk a lot shit but I can back it up (up up)
Like BBD flip it, rub it down, smack it up (up up)
you so bad when you call me for duty
you so fine I’m so sad that you feelin so wooooozy


[3rd Verse]
Don’t get caught up in the gossip, them chicks is jockin girl
they just jealous, everybody hates when Cris is rockin ya world
hey girl, hey friend, how you doing, where you been
enough of that talkin, lets begin, break it in
shake and spin, take it in, say amen
then I’ll make you say goodness graciouuuus
look me in the eye and make them nasty faaaaaaaces
I’m so glad that your body’s so juicyyyyy
you so fine I’m so sad that you feelin so wooooozy


[R. Kelly ad libs]
Giiiirl, said your body is what I want (wooooozy wooooozy wooooozy)
I’ll be making scream and mooooan (wooooozy wooooozy wooooozy)
Girl lets get on up out this club (wooooozy wooooozy wooooozy)
Oooh get you to my hoooome


[Ludacris- Woozy Lyrics (feat. R. Kelly)]

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