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Ludacris- Last Of A Dying Breed (Move The Crowd) Lyrics (feat. Lil Wayne)

Ludacris- Last Of A Dying Breed (Move The Crowd) Lyrics (feat. Lil Wayne)

[amazing intro…]

I done killed so many niggas in the booth,
I sell rappers on e-bay,
Soldiers couldn’t cause more disaster on D-Day,
Haters better cover up their jon like freeway
Cause every hit record’s been instant like replays,
Hold the line I got yo momma on 3-way,
Tell her Luda’s got more records than a DJ,
Tell her she should blow me like candles on yo B-Day,
Cause I signed more lines than she’s passed on the freeway,
Mo’ checks than you ever could imagine,
Mo’ wood up in ma wippin’,
Than a forest full of cabins,
And yes I stay high on that purple like Aladdin,
Them women say I talk more game than Jon Madden,
How’d it happen how’d they let me in the booth,
How they let these rappers lie,
How dare I tell the truth!
I’m the truth, and these other boys phoney,
It’s a movie so act like you know me…

[Chorus (Ludacris):]
I’m a lyricist till the death,
So I got what you need,
Ludacris, I’m the last of a dying breed,
And we almost extinct,
So I’m saying it loud,
Say it with me: ‘MC means move the crowd’
Say it with me: ‘MC means move the crowd’
Say it with me: ‘MC means move the crowd’


[Lil Wayne]
I got it baby!
And I`m a MC,
I move the ground like Moses,
Like the Red Sea,
I wear red like roses,
Go against me and you be dead like roses,
Spittin` at yo head for the bread like toasts,
Never had a holdster,
I keep it on my lap,
And hip-hop ain’t dead it just had a heart attack,
But you see I keep it pumping,
Yeah I got that hard back,
So just call me little carter,
Or little cardiac,
Precious like an artifact,
Valuable like a quarterback,
Hannibal like they call me Jack,
Fall back like a starter hat,
Now how did he thought a that,
I mean now did he think a that
I mean now did I think a that
Now like a rental bring-it-back,
I mean now did i think of that,
I surprise myself sometime,
Some one could throw me a suprise party for every rhyme,
Everytime I do it,
I do it dirty like swine,
For the dirty and fine,
Hip Hop I’m alive!


Ow, they say O’Reilly don’t like him, nope
Oprah won’t invite him, nope
The president denounced him no one will announce him, no!
Controversial lyrics like I’m cryin’ for help
I’m very talented, but I should be ashamed of myself

But this is my art, art, this is my music
I’m speakin’ from the heart, hit record and I’ll lose it!
Bite my tongue for no one, I’ll put you on blast
So all the news channels, y’all could kiss my ass!

And if I dish it I could take it, fix it if you break it
Could hit rock bottom and I’m still gon’ make it, why?
Cause I’m a born hustler, natural survivor
Seed of a gangsta, I put that on my father

YouTube or Google me, turn it up and play it
Cause many people think it, I just had the balls to say it, what?
And risk losin’ everything, I stand for the weak
Plus I live for my freedom of speech, cause



[Ludacris- Last Of A Dying Breed (Move The Crowd) Lyrics (feat. Lil Wayne)]

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