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Ludacris- Gold Digger Lyrics (feat. Bobby V, Lil' Fate)

Ludacris- Gold Digger Lyrics (feat. Bobby V, Lil’ Fate)

Ow! Track-stars woo…hey… DTP
Let’s Go

[Chorus: Bobby v]
She’s dangerous,(Uh huh) super bad. (OK)
Better watch out she’ll take ya cash.
She’s a gold… digger. [x2]

She’s dangerous (alright) super bad (uh huh)
Better watch out she’ll take ya cash.
She’s a gold… digger [x2]

Yeah, shes a money magnet, smell a dollar bill in ya clothes.
Gold digger style from her head to her toes
You here me saying no don’t mess with the stress
She’s out to get ya dough none more none less
Shes lookin’ for a prize, man you killing me
Acting like you don’t see the dollar signs in her eyes
She wants her nails done, and her hair too
Plus a diamond necklace, thats all on you
You still can’t see it, yeah you a sucka
If you do it homeboy man i couldn’t be it
Hypnotised by her goodlooks?
Yeah maybe, but a victim for a good crook? Nope not me!
Consider yourself worn so you can stay.
Or you can stick to my rhyme and get the heck away!
Either way, go figure, shes a gold digger.
Gettin’ close as your bank row grows bigger

[Bobby V]
She’s dangerous, super bad,
Better watch out she’ll take ya cash.
She’s a gold digger..
She’s a gold digger..
[Repeat Chorus]

[Lil’ Fate]
You gotcha way witha beauty
A treat with a brain
When she look at you she only see “ching-ching”
Mil around your neck, mil around your arms
A championship ring, she must be a bowla hard
She turns on the leader, as soon as you need her
Once you bite the bait, you look mighty thico
When money talks she ticks like F.B.I
Ready to handcuff the right guy
Look you in the eye, and tell a boldface lie.
Scheming on the way to money yo, well ya tried
Guess its a game now, gotta watch who you trust
Like her because, its only out for your books
Ye sir, shes all about being paid
At the end of everyday its a fine new grade,
What more can i say? But the wires up front
Better watch out, she’ll leave yah with insuffiant

[Chorus X2]

[Bobby V]
She’s so physical.
I say movie stars you better watch your back
She’ll be spending up your cheque
Oh yeah. For the growin… just won’t stop
Will be rotting in your eyes

She’s a…Gold digga, gold digga, gold digga yeah.

She’s dreaming scheming on a way to get your dough
She hit the lottery now hit the flow, you just don’t know
because you got got and thats for show

[Lil’ Fate]
Oh eyah she’s a superstar chick
But don’t fool with her unless you got miles of risk
She’s a pimpstress runnin’ more game than the Olympics
to cease your assests like the I.R.S
Aha uh uh huh

[Chorus (Repeat till fade)]


[Ludacris- Gold Digger Lyrics (feat. Bobby V, Lil’ Fate)]

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