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Lil’ Wayne- Eat You Alive Lyrics (feat. Ludacris)

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Lil’ Wayne- Eat You Alive Lyrics (feat. Ludacris)

[Lil Wayne – Intro]
Be Ready
Cuz I know you can’t be
So be afraid
Very Afraid

Yeah, haha

I done warned you boys of the monster boy
I’m the monster boys
Feed me rappers or feed me beats
Now I’m gonna eat
And now I’m gonna eat

I’m gonna eat you alive, alive, alive, alive
Eat you alive, alive, alive, alive
I’m gonna eat you alive, alive, alive
I’m gonna eat
I’m gonna eat you alive, alive, alive, alive
Eat you alive, alive, alive, alive
I’m gonna eat you alive
Now I’m gonna eat
Eat you alive
And now ima gonna eat
I’m gonna eat

[Lil Wayne]
Welcome to the carter, little shop of horror
Bloddy like a period after d r a
Doctor imma dog, imma dog, imma dog ya
Not Georgetown but imma uptown hoya
Brothers like Warner, someone should’ve warned ya
R E L A X like fuckin California
Or get cornered, then get tortured, then get slaughtered
In that order



[Lil Wayne – Verse 2]
Massacre music, lose it, loosens loosen a noose round my neck, I’m turnin blue bitch
Bout to go stupid, that Hollygrove zoo shit
Keep a set of grip plies for ear pair loose slips
I done said I was too sick, I said I’m too too sick
Four sick, Five sick, Six sense
Dead people
Just put ahead people
Instant, Instinct
I don’t care what color you is, I burn ya turn ya skin pink
And if you can’t stand me then knock me down
But I don’t wanna hear that shit like shit Foxy Brown
Its Weezy F. People
And I don’t talk shit like deaf people
New Orleans refugee like Wyclef people
My street eagle
And nigga watch yo ego
Cuz if you think ya too fly then I shoot down that eagle
And then the monster see you
And the monster need food
And that monsters me too
So the monster eat you

I done warned you boy of the monster boy
He’s a monster (Yeah)
Feed him rappers, or feed him beats
And now he’s gunna eat
And now he’s gunna eat

I’m tired of playin wit y’all boys
Wayne you ready
Luda, yeah

Thats right I’ll eat you alive, Luda I’ll eat ya, eat ya
till there ain’t nuttin left,
til the cops can’t identify none of your facial features
letting out my rage, unleash the beast
unlock your guest of honor
let me out the cage I’ll eat these beats
I’m hip hops Jeffrey Dahmer
Can’t get to be defeated my spot is still reserved
till you sell diamond nigga don’t say a fucking word
my flows are animalistic
just say I’m a seasoned Vet
I received my masters in rapping you just a teachers pet
and I’m this seasons threat
yeah I’m fucking mother nature
flows so hard if you get up on the track I’ll make your own mother hate ya
act like she don’t even know ya, act like she don’t even care
Ludacris turns rappers to ashes
roll em up and put em in the air
it’s rap orientation and yes I’m glad to meet ya
I’ll bring the pain, ay Lil Wayne go get the anesthesia
for these none contenders for these rhyme offenders
their time is not on my agenda bitch nigga

[Chorus – Ludacris]
cus I done warned ya boys I’m a monster boy
Ima a monster boy (thats right)
feed me rappers or feed me beasts (feed me beats)
Ima gonna eat, Ludacris Im gonna eat (say what)
Im gonna eat ya alive
Eat ya alive
Ludacris I eat ya alive (I eat em alive)
I’ve always ate em alive (I ate em alive)

[Lil’ Wayne- Eat You Alive Lyrics (feat. Ludacris)]

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