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King Louie - Val Venis Lyrics

King Louie – Val Venis Lyrics

[Hook x4]
I’m the man little do they know, little do they know

I’m the man little do they know
Rollin up the dope n the syrup got me slow
Rollin up a deuce shawty rollin up a four
I be in the paper and the streets see your ho
Haulin up and down in the foreign ride slow
King louie banging like the folks in the moe’s
Prolly overdose so we take another dose
Can’t fuck with me you ain’t making no dough
These niggas working ain’t working no mo'(feds)
I’m neyo dem asian flow
Video smoking dope with a asian ho
Throwin up L’s thats the way it goes
I made it bro, and I hate it though
I just say so, and chase that dough
Beat the pussy up like I hate your ho
Shootting em till em in the face no more
Ballin like a young nigga tryna go pro
Smoking on dust call that so so
Never had the gun you ain’t shooting no more
I know u dont know cuz youd do a lil mo
We be up in cali smoking O’s by the coast
Fuck is your team now your gun got exposed
Grab your face shots nigga outtie to the o’s

[Hook x4]
I’m the man little do they know, little do they know

I’m the man little do they know
Bump a nigga how she want tell me when to go
Roll up nigga bag a nigga that dough
Who the fuck are you bitch I whole move bo
Strappin in my Louie in my own goose too
I’m slow mo ’cause I’m all too 2’s
And then they got my pockets all brew bruise
Thirty five a 2’s but it has too close
Blew a whole bag tell a bitch ruff ruff
Acting how they get bitch you ain’t ruff ruff
These niggas ain’t me know ain’t too cool
‘Cause too strong bitch free too smooth
You can be smooth or we can eat too
Send this bitch up man it’s all on you
Shoot a nigga down man I fall on you
More rounds bumping out getting all on you
Grow money at the factory to fall on you
Me and walt greens and the ganja true
Every nigga with me I’m gonna shoot
Ball like a hoop,
Fuck a nigga business of the 2 probably cool
Bitches on dick hella loving the crew
Everyday I win call me W
These niggas hate these bitches love lulu
Fuck you!

[Hook x4]
I’m the man little do they know, little do they know

I’m Valen willin
I’m willin Valen
I’m willin Valen

[King Louie – Val Venis Lyrics]

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