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Kevin Gates - Baddest In The Building Lyrics

Kevin Gates – Baddest In The Building Lyrics

That’s it right there, Let me see something. Man you something serious ya heard me.

Some might consider this a problem,
I easily fall in love.
Excuse me If I touch, you the baddest in the club
I desire your body, exotic, I just cant get enough
You the baddest thing (oh, ohh, ohhoh)
You the baddest in tha buildin’

[Chorus x4]
My money super right
Got whatever parked outside you can leave with me if you like
You tha baddest in tha buildin

[Verse 1]
Do it in the mirror, make your body jerk
(Pressure when we sex’n so it’s gotta hurt)
Got your hand on my head while I’m chewin’ on your kitty
I’m the cutest in the city in tha collar shirt
Gotta million dollar swagg pants hang off my ass
And the money commin’ fast, sell alot of work
Few festivities we can peep this evening
Thinking we can both leave we don’t need a reason
Got the window top flight out to Puerto Pico
Butt-naked in the tub with tha eden’ steamer
Put the weed up when you see the people
90 day tech for a misdemeanor
My chick Stelina might get pissed at me,
if she catch me sneakin’ with another skeezer
Wild out in the club, real street nigga hold ya bottles up
Other niggas women tend to follow us
I’m in the V.I.P. section don’t bother us
You know you couldn’t see me with binoculars
Pappariatzi think’s I’m popular
Luca Brasi get’s on top of her
Make her holla like an opera
(All these lights in the house
All tha candles in tha bathroom
Step out of ya bath robes,
And welcome to my class room)
Bubble gum, Bubble bath, mo’ positions
Life jury-cited know some mo’ postions
Spread your booty cheeks imma lick all in between
While I hit you from the back in the slow position
Get it from the side, Get on top and let you ride
Then after that you can do that bad position

[Chorus x4]
My money super right
Got whatever parked outside you can leave with me if you like
You tha baddest in tha buildin

[Verse 2]
I just spotted the baddest bitch in the building tonight
and I ain’t leavin’ less she leavin’ with me
I over heard you told tell ya girl ya nigga wasn’t fucking you right
I been drinking plus I done threw me back three
Imma hit you with uhhh that I done came down
I ain’t finna’ front you the fly-est thing round
Head to tha toes, shoes to tha clothes
Ducks get played, bad bitches get choose
Bad bitches get their ears neck and wrist froze
Boss bitch swag, you be shittin’ on them hoes
Love when you pose when them niggas take flicks
Pull up to the club stuntin’ hard in the six, six
Drop the top I pull out the knot,
I make all them hoes bow down to you
Cause they ain’t on ya level, imma change ya life
They ain’t got no business hangin’ round with you
I’m down to do anything you down do,
Go anywhere you down to go
You don’t wanna make love imma beat it up,
But when you ’bout to bust imma start grinding uhhhh

Baddest in the building
My money super right
Got whatever parked outside you can leave with me if you like
You tha baddest in tha building [x4]

[Kevin Gates – Baddest In The Building Lyrics]

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