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Kevin Gates - 4:30AM Lyrics

Kevin Gates – 4:30AM Lyrics

(phone rings)
What the fuck!
What up nig?
What up nigga?
Shit, chillin’.
Shit I said, I’m just cooling brah, I’m jus cooling
But look, I’m bout to get it in right fast out to get it in right fast,
Nigga I love you.
Lemme do this I’mma call you later
Alright Nigga.
Alright I love you boy
Love you too nigga.

[Verse 1:]
Gladiators on deck
Drug users don’t drink sprite
And when I do it’s not pink sprite, alot on lean, it’s purple
Trust issues, dont trust really
No two point conversion
Won’t run it after i touch down
My punter kicking its defense
Where were you when I was slumped over
Gums hurting from a old bullet, in front of the toilet hunched over
Puking all of my insides, stab wounds from a old friend
Well at that time we were close friends, they said I killed him in cold blood
We wrestled for the gun but the gun went off
He up’d the pistol looked him dead in his eyes
I’ve been ready to die so nigga do it
Gates ride, I really do it
I’m serious too nigga, really do it
Turned his head, closed his eyes, aimed the tool, started shooting, I didn’t die, my life a movie

4:30 am never say win, it’s five in the morning and your children are some where on the corner
Six a.m water boiling think I’m addicted to the strong aroma

[Verse 2:]
Erin really my best friend and I was loving her best friend
You know bright brittany
With the long hair
You know (?) lil sista
She stole a jag to come an get me
I was buying dope
In and out the system
Brandy fucking my nigga Ray
At the same time
He fuckin cold sweatin
He the track coach
And a asshole
Know that didn’t have shit to do with this
I was just stating the facts though
Jessica round me, talking sexually bout me
She bend over in front me, from the back while I’m pounding
Now it’s over
Bitch get up and get out
I mostly likely forgot to mention but we was in my trap house
Just brainstorming, in the game for me
These thoughts and the ideas
No regrets for the shit I did
That also mean for the niggas i killed

4:30 am never say win,
It’s five in the morning and your children are some where on the corner
Six a.m water boiling think I’m addicted to the strong aroma

[Lyrics to 4:30AM by Kevin Gates]

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