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Kevin Gates - 4 Legs And A Biscuit Lyrics

Kevin Gates – 4 Legs And A Biscuit Lyrics

For reason whipping their court, still consider the sport
On the phone we ball here, I’m watchin’ king of New York,
Kendrick ..the greatest I ever thought,
all team turn sower we niggas tryin’ to get off
Cold sleepin’ ..get the minister in the court,
I’m a dog worst place to get hit us while in the court,
Pull it hold it my liquors, I’m itchin’ make to the court,
Bitch I’m wippin in the .. bakin the court
You know how I spit em, this is some on the run trying to get it ever
Baby mama problems, every night tryin to fix em,
Flashin all, flippin, take ..broke every dish in the kitchen,
The devil living in me, I’m contemplating the ..
Spray face in 20 years, but that’s what they try to give em
The .. that I don’t effort .. cope with the dealing,
Back when we was .. the one is a bigger dealer
Innocent making faces and they wonder why I ever ..
Who ever take her to grow up and turn off to be killers,
Borrow extensions, toll it down when the ..
compact in my jacket even flitchin my hitchin
..hard in the hot, my emotions are ruined
Too hard to trust I don’t give a f*ck, will open up to the woman,
Take my lick and keep pushin, don’t try playin’ me p**sy
They all 50 with the ippy, layin .. in the bushes
Won’t say no name but some saw at me a pound of them cookies,
TTG .. I’m with it
if shawty bust a p**sy hopin’ no commitment I send it,
Lord forgive me I’m finnin’ I come to you as a sinner,
Take all my scars, take my heart turn me into a Christian,
Bright nigga and the blazes of my last name was griffin, bye bye his chicken
I just want 4 legs and a biscuit,
I always try to .. all my niggas is pulsing, stood to the cold
Even on the pushing when we ..let’s get it all.

[Lyrics to 4 Legs And A Biscuit by Kevin Gates]

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