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K. Michelle - Shut Up Lyrics

K. Michelle – Shut Up Lyrics

Alot of y’all just got done judging me on TV, OMG.
I would be lying if I said that I gave a fuck, but y’all wasn’t in the room, when he fucked me up.
And stop calling Joseline, Joe she ain’t a man, but she surely is a hoe.
Can’t judge that bitch, she just wanna be on, Karlie Redd even LA Reid son couldn’t put you on
Where your boss? Where your check? Where the fuck is Berry Wise at?
When I need ’em, I remember when making it wasn’t easy
You’re barely rapping, barely singing.

I wish I could say shut up
‘Less you’ve been through what I’ve been, through I’m a you da.
Shut up, R kelly passed the crown on me, I’m the new king of R&B, so shut up.
Everybody keep doubting me… you christian’s better, stop judging me, so shut up.
With this Jolly Rancher in my mouth I mean &, shut up.
Shut up, shut up.

In the words of momma Dee, ummm in that order, in that order
I ain’t playing with you niggas, Out here in these streets
After the king, ain’t nothing you could do for me.
I don’t give a fuck about no NBA team,
When I’m the one they’re putting on that VH1 screen.
You niggas wanna hid it, but when you’re asking for some money,
Watch them lames get to running, ’cause they’re broke.
Where your boss? Where your check? Tell me where the fuck is josh forest at.
Music dying, oh, we need ’em, motherfuckers try to sing and
I wish they would just shut they ass up,
All you non-singing bitches, non-rapping niggas
I wish you would just shut up.
‘Cause if you would been through what I’d been through
You’d go crazy, too.

Shut up
I’m feeling like little kim, a real bitch can never win, no.
I bet you you gonna shut up.

You’re a six-er, but I need a ten
Stay your ass on that bench.

[K. Michelle – Shut Up Lyrics]

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