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K. Michelle - For My Cinderellas Lyrics

K. Michelle – For My Cinderellas Lyrics

The sun ain’t gone rise
Until it feels right
Just like a man ain’t gone learn
Until hes been burned

Well I guess I lit the match to cause him to act right
As soon as I let him go he got another in his life
He got up and got a job no more hangin out at night
Because I made him a man

I did it for them heart broken ride or die chicks
The ones who spend their lives puttin up with his ish
I did it for them fairytale wishin
True love searchin
Happily ever after chicks
I did it for them teary eyed lonely night chicks
The ones who know hes wrong but still put up with it
I did it for the mister right wishin
Glass slipper missin
Happily ever after chicks
This is for my cinderellas
This is for my cinderellas

Saw him recently
I can tell that he really loves her
Treats her like a queen
And thats the way it should be
I ain’t bitter theres a mister out there for me
Probably with another lover gettin prepared for me
When the time is right he wont keep me waitin
Because she made him a man


You cant make nobody love you
Until their hearts fully nature
You gotta wait
Cause someday you’ll be cinderella
So keep your heart protected ladies
One day you will find your baby
Until then make another man for my cinderellas


[K. Michelle – For My Cinderellas Lyrics]

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