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K. Michelle- Bad 4 My Health Lyrics

K. Michelle- Bad 4 My Health Lyrics

Your the type of dude be all on tv flossing
Plenty chicks keep calling
Two baby mamas still in the club balling
I ain’t got no time for a fight I might not win so I’ll hide how I feel inside and keep you as a friend
My heart wont do what my mind tells it to
I’m such a fool trying to find the good in you
My heart crys out and it sangs a sad song
My mind says toughen up girl leave that man alone cause he’s

Bad Bad Bad
He’s Bad for my health
Bad Bad Bad
He’s Bad for my health
Bad Bad Bad
He’s Oh he’s Bad
He’s Bad for my health.

Sitting right here on this couch looking at the phone smiling everytime I hear his voice Damn there I go
And I see that your no good to her shouldn’t want to be in her position
But Damn I find myself wishing that I was the one you come home to at least the one you belong to and I can’t help I want you
And it’s wrong to I deserve what ever you put me through
Cause I know that your no Good

Bad Bad Bad
He’s Bad for my health
Bad Bad Bad
He’s oh he’s bad
Bad Bad Bad He’s Bad for my health
I know I know he’s so Bad
But what am I to do about it
Cause he’s just so Bad yall
So Bad So Bad for my health yall.

I can’t pretend I don’t know what I’m doing
My mind tells me stop yet my heart still pursuing someone I can’t have makes me want him more If I set myself up I’ll be hurt like before
The risk is too great I made that mistake and I’ve got to live with the choices I’ve made
I’m Damn’d if I do quite Damn’d if I don’t but this is the man that I want
And he’s so Bad
I don’t know what to do about him
Cause my friends tell me to leave him alone but I can’t
And I know they right believe me I tried but he’s so good but he’s Bad for my health
Yes he is
Yes he is
And the worst thing about it is that I know and Yall damn right
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh ….Bad for my health

[K. Michelle- Bad 4 My Health Lyrics]

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