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Juvenile - Outside (Skit) Lyrics

Juvenile – Outside (Skit) Lyrics 

[Man 1:] Man, bitch i just bumped into my dawg juve, now bitch he gave me 3 invitations to his big bash tonight.
[Female:] Who Juve!?
[Man 1:] Yeeeah, man. What, you aint know?
[Female:] Whaaaaat, i know a bitch can be down.
[Man 1:] Man you can be down, you can come around, you can sit down. I’ll tell you what… you be ready for 12 midnight, exactly midnight, cause I – I got a invitation at 6, we got to be.. in there.
[Female:] Fo sho, imma get me in there.
[Man 1:] Yeah you got that, i’ll tell you what… you just go home and get sexy… and uhh, we gon’ come and get you tonight.
[Man 2:] Man i dont know why you done sold that broad that dream, man.
[Man 1:] Man, what you talkin bout?
[Man 2:] You know you dont know them people, man !
[Man 1:] Now there you go again with this foolishness man.
[Man 2:] Man you aint know them people 3 years ago man. We got chased off the port, I done been – been, chased by chinese people.
[Man 1:] You didnt get caught!
[Man 2:] Yeah, you got cornered too, but we still didnt get in the party man.
[Man 1:] I- I handled that, I- I took care of that though. But look, i’ll tell you what… look at this- [gets cut off by man 2]
[Man 2:] Yeah, you got beat up to take care of it, man !! They- they beat you so bad.. they had to let us in. And then the party was over after we walked in.
[Man 1:] I was the superstar that night, though.
[Man 2:] Yeah, you was super stupid.
[Man 1:] I might’ve walked funny, but I was the superstar that night.
[Man 2:] Super stupid. Imma roll with you, cause you my dawg.
[Man 1:] Right, right, thats all- thats all im ask- thats all im asking, thats all im asking.
[Man 2]: Cause I know we aint gettin in this party, cause I know you dont know none of them people.
[Man 1:] Man, I know Juvenile, I know his brother, I know lil… I-I– [gets cut off by man 2]
[Man 2:] Whats his brother name?
[Man 1:] Ummm..- [gets cut off by man 2]
[Man 2:] Man, you dont know them people.
[Man 1:] Alright, I…, man you aint even much gotta cut me off like that.
[Man 2:] Cause you dont know ’em, man.
[Man 1:] Alright, alright, alr-.. Imma know ’em tonight though.
[Man 2:] Alright bruh. What time you want me to pick you up, dawg?
[Man 1:] I told her 12, so you can come get me for.. 11:30, so it can look like I’m driving.

[Music fades off.]

[Juvenile – Outside (Skit) Lyrics]

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