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Juvenile - Gotta Get It Lyrics

Juvenile – Gotta Get It Lyrics 

[Talking:] Yall Niggas think broke look cool man

Gotta get it nigga, gotta gotta get it
Gotta get it, gotta gotta get it nigga

[Talking:] I gotta get it when you see me out chea or where ever the fuck I’m at I’m tryna get sum money homie, yea gotta feed the family nigga nephew

I am magnolia official I played the ave for years, they talkin bout me like when shaq went to the caveliers,
I keep the semi wit me jus call me prince of keys selling tabbacco and aint none of my shit is niccotine,
a dog gettin it how much can a gorrilla make, I’m tryna chill dont wanna have to put on ma killa face,
I get what ever I wanna boy I dont wish I would,
when I come out look I be sharper den a sticker would I wish a nigga would I make a nigga bleed,
I cut a nigga like get down its worth a lick of cheese,
I lay somebody down I proly have ta do or die, wont nuthin change ima stay gutta like a sewer line,
yup its manurea time busniess is picking up,
when niggas find out I’m da man dey probably shit a truck no I aint new to dis money shit boi I been a fool I blow dis mutherfucker up jus like an intertube

Gotta get it nigga, gotta gotta get it
Gotta get it, gotta get it nigga

[Talking:] ya nigga, you see me wilden gettin mines, bein broke
Aint cool man, you niggas think broke lookin cool, yea yea,
Imma have fun why I do me homie, watch dis!

I gotta get it so people get on yo day jobs, aint nothin crowded but
The jail houses and grave yards, I’m on the corner in the ghetto like a pay phone,
I call my baby like daddy be on the way home, talk to you later its easy to getcha cell tapped,
and I got powder like a factory full of jail caps, I’m ballin in the game boi I need a pair of tugs,
I’m walking on em in my slippers like a pair of lugs,
I’m not gone ever leave the way thats what the preacher said, like ima be on the corner at Morgan Freeman age,
I’m in the streets making connection in the resturaunts I’m eatin tacos and fajitas with the mexicans,
boi I define the definition of what livin is, and any where you see me out thats what thanksgivin is,
you niggas counterfit pappas I am a real daddy, shoot up the mutherfuckin world to get the kids happy.

Gotta get it nigga, gotta gotta get it,
Gotta get it, gotta get it nigga

[Talking:] ha ha! watch me get it, watch me get it, watch me get it,
Bricks in the mornin nigga wit the cheese in ma shit,
Bosseline style, watch me, paraflex you broke ass niggas

I gotta get it boi you beefin over petty change, I’m ready man I got
Ma fingers in on errythang, I’m on nem dana danes puffin on dat mary jane look I’ma leader its one of us up in erry game,
and yea I’m fly cuz I always got that egle on me,
I pop a nigga look how quick they call the people on me, this is an act and not in it to recieve a tony,
I’m over here with all the cheese and ion see baloney, give a bitch what?
I be talking mad to em, dey say I’m shitty like a kid done
Gone to bathroom, I’m in a yellow chevy thang with the doors up,
Im smoken purple these ashes burnin ma clothes up, see da conarys
In the grill yea I talk major look in the light its like a saturday
Night in las vegas, yupp ima boss playa cuz I say I iz, I chase dis money 24 cuz everyday I iz.

Gotta get it nigga, gotta gotta get it
Gotta get it, gotta get it nigga

[Talking:] cocky&confident in stores haha! september tha 28 nigga, nigga.

[Juvenile – Gotta Get It Lyrics]

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