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Jonas Brothers- I'm Gonna Getcha Good Lyrics

Jonas Brothers- I’m Gonna Getcha Good Lyrics

[Shania Twain cover]

Let’s go
Don’t want ya for a weekend
Don’t want ya for a night
I’m only interested if I can have you for life yeah
I know I sound serious
Well baby I am
You’re a fine piece of real-estate and I’m gonna get Me some land oh

Don’t try to rush, honey love can be fun
There’s no need to be in love when you’ll find that someone
I’m gonna getcha
Gonna getcha while I gotcha in sight
I’m gonna getcha if it takes all night
You can bet by the time I say go you’ll never say no
I’m gonna getcha its a matter of fact
I’m gonna getcha doncha worry bout that
You can bet your bottom dollar in time you’re gonna be mine
Just like I should ill getcha good

See I’ve already planned it
This is how its gonna be
I’m gonna love you and you’re gonna fall in love with Me oh


Oh I’m gonna get you baby
I’m gonna knock on wood
I’m gonna get you soon now honey
I’m gonna make it good oh yeah yeah yeah yeah come on Nick



[Jonas Brothers- I’m Gonna Getcha Good Lyrics]

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  • rosio says:

    hola chicos zoi zu admiradora y me guzta mucho NICK loz amo zon miz idoloz y me enkanta zu muzika chikoz vueno ezo ez todo valen miiiil biie!!!! ok!!!!!!

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