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Joey Bada$$ - Indubitable Lyrics

Joey Bada$$ – Indubitable Lyrics

I’m Indubitable, spitting Pharmaceuticals
All I do is win, ties are simply unsuitable
Bitches on my cuticles, I changed the game like oodables?
The Davey Jones of rap is back, the bodies in my cubicle
Ever since a toddler, I had them call me father
Since ye’ high, I got booty like prostate doctor
Mom want me be doctor, I be rhymin’ like pasta
Eat them like they pasta, Head is straight up, posture
Niggas can never knock the, hustling
Bitches on my balls, never fumbling
Nigga in fact they be doubling
But the hunnies get the smothering, never loving them
I never sleep, Got the heavy bags, struggling
They run from him when he approach, They call him the hero
All he need is thee cloak, cause murder what he wrote
And fuck guns, don’t need those
Everything is done to the Max, no Keeble
Circle tighter than Speedo, I’m the Don like Cheadle
I’m flyer than eagle, I get the cheeks like pillows
Uh, I swear niggas they bout it, they bout shit
You’d be in good shape if ran like your mouth did
Ya’ll lower than mouse shit, I’m higher than mountains
Keep false announcing, have you running like fountain
They ain’t amounting to the money I’m counting
In a few year my accountants need accountants
Uh, everything I do is counters to me
Stupid nigga kinda seem you were counting on me
But I, bet you ain’t trying to encounter with me
Nuh uh, I’m piranha, you some flounder to me
And the word on the grapevine, I’m going up great heights
Joey got enough line to capture a Great White
I get more shine than late night, I’m beast who ain’t ate right
Back up on my mojo, I’ll show you what apes like
Nigga it’s JoJo, They on my pogo, no homo
I ride the beat like the man on my polo
Ya’ll some bozos, I’m underage, but pour more though
That Roso got me moving slow-mo
I’m taking photos with your ho-ho
Chris Cringlely gifted, I’m ill with the writtens
Got my finger to the world, Fuck it a fist then
Sit back and look at what you been missin’, nigga

[Joey Bada$$ – Indubitable Lyrics]

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