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Jack White - Machine Gun Silhouette Lyrics

Editor's comments:
"Machine Gun Silhouette" is a new track released by Jack White and it will serve as a B-Side to his new single, "Love Interruption".
The A-side song is actually the lead single off Jack's first solo album, "Blunderbuss" which is set for release on April 23rd, 2012.

Jack White – Machine Gun Silhouette Lyrics

I wore a shirt one day with a machine gun silhouette, sportin’ a rainbow clip
I had this gun guy staring at me, wondered(ing) where I got it and he just about flipped over it.
I don’t know his name, yeah, but just the same, he buys a literal mountain of death
and I lost 5 or 6 bidding wars against him, yeah, until I had no money left
I said until I had no money left
Yeah, until i had no money left.


I don’t want you getting hurt if you’re too disappointed if the feathers are broken and dead
The birds look good in person, but not in the puddles(?) and super vice versa, I bet
I seen the auctioneer getting pretty frustrated if something good gets on the bid
When I went down there I got pretty damned suspicious, but he seems like a pretty good kid
Yeah, he seems like a pretty good kid
Well, he seems like a pretty good kid

This joint’s been around for a while and it feels like the same old crowd each time
but there’s always that chance of a shill-bitten(?) trucker trying to help-a your man make a dime
there’s one gun guy coming straight out of Texas doesn’t eat not one for himself
he’s got a kid(?) in the gun shop, she likes to take a ridin'(?) with the trophies of somebody else
Yeah, the trophies of somebody else
Well, the trophies of somebody else

[Lyrics to Machine Gun Silhouette performed by Jack White] Thanks to user Thomas Grady for the contribution.

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