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Have Mercy - Howl Lyrics

Have Mercy – Howl Lyrics

You were young when your father died.
Always felt like you were left behind,
but you’re right where you need to be.
We were lost, found a place to hide.
Seeking shelter, seeking better lives for you and for me…

I’ve got a question, let me ask it for a second,
Can I be the one you always need?

If he could see how you’ve grown
he’d be as happy as I am now.
We’ve got a place of our own,
You’re still a wolf without a howl.
If only you knew, if only you knew how…
We’ve got a place of our own.
You’re still a wolf without a howl.

You were quiet, had a somber tone,
telling me you need to be alone.
But I won’t ever go away.
Found your heart in the dresser drawer.
A frozen moment that is only yours,
A place you always want to stay.

Give me a second…
Oh, Did I forget to mention I will be the one you always need?

I never heard you cry so loud.
Asking me “what happens now?”
You were never the one to admit defeat.

[Lyrics to Howl by Have Mercy]

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