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Freddie Gibbs - Sumthin' U Should Know Lyrics

Freddie Gibbs – Sumthin’ U Should Know Lyrics 

{Hey bitch, fuck with me, what’s up?}

[Verse 1:]
Your bitch wanna fuck with Gibbs
Straight dick off in the ribs
Got her trickin off chips
On expensive trips just to see the kids
Never been one the one to miss no hoes
Watch how the OG’s pimp on hoes
I was in it for the rank and the disco hoes
Way back when a nigga couldn’t get no hoes, I
Gotta step my game up
Lifted my frame up
Twenty-four’s on the cud
Make hoes wanna fuck
When I turn that thang up
These hoes in the game wanna get saved
But a pimp like me got to get paid
Pull em to the side, gotta check they age
Keep it real with em when they come backstage

Baby yo there’s something you should know
I don’t really spend time on no ho
I just wanna hit that ass and go
I don’t give a fuck about you

Bitch if you ain’t with it hit the door
Let a nigga sit back puff his dro
Watch the panties hit the floor

[Verse 2: Devin the Dude]
I don’t really care bout no bitches
I’m on my business
It costs to keep my attention
And they trippin, I dismiss em
It’s not a flaw in my pimpin’, no sir
Fuck a bitch, pimp a ho, get your dough up
Penthouse, top floor, let’s go up
Got a fat sack of dro we can roll up
Hey bitch, fuck with me, what’s up

Baby yo, there’s something you should know
Is there somewhere we should go?
We can keep it on the low (I just wanna show you)
How we lay this pimpin’ down fo sho
Put that hustle on the ho
Let the panties hit the floor

[Verse 3:]
What it is, what it gon be?
I got a broad on the phone, G
Chilling with a homie
And I know that it’s a goddamn shame
That they all on me
Wanna give me that monkey
I’m a flip some dough instead
Keep pimpin’, stack that bread
All I gotta do is get a bitch fed
Then I get em in the bed
And I’m all in they head
Big dough, I’m stackin’ it
My pimpin’ is immaculate
And I just might have to smack a bitch
If my figures ain’t accurate
You treat these hoes, I cheat these hoes
I fuck soon as I meet these hoes
Then I take em to the room
And I get up in they womb
And I straight dip off and leave these hoes
Got a couple in the Chi, got a couple in the D
Got a bitch in Minnesota
Got a ho in Ohio that hold that dough when with they hold up
Niggas out G, I stay midwest pimpin’
That’s what we be bout
Midwest pimpin’ in the east, midwest pimpin’ in the south
I got a bitch in LA that think she too famous to turn a trick
But I know the bitch will let a nigga put a dick in her anus to pay the rent
These hoes don’t give a fuck
Anything for another quick buck
Bitch hop off in this truck
Is you fuckin’ with me what’s up?

[Hook x2]

You can ride with me
Slide with me
And vibe with me
Get high with me
We can go wherever you want to go
Continue to get throwed
But there’s something you should know


[Outro: x3]
I do know one thing though
Bitches they come, they go
Saturday through Sunday, Monday
Monday through Sunday ho

[Freddie Gibbs – Sumthin’ U Should Know Lyrics]

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