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Freddie Gibbs - Let Em Burn Lyrics

Freddie Gibbs – Let Em Burn Lyrics 

Burn muthafucka burn!
I’m made, the shit you muthafuckas can’t fade

Jumped up off the porch and threw my nuts down in these streets, dog
Can’t lean on my daddy, told my family I’m gon’ feed y’all
Bitch niggas can’t stand me cause I won’t live on my knees, dog
Swear they gonna get at me, I’m in your hood
Bitch, I don’t see y’all
Gangsta Gibbs from gangsta island, nothing but money piling
To the ceiling is all I’m feeling and all I think about
It’s crazy how these controlled substances got us busting shit
I can’t control my life, it’s in sole control of the government
Across the nation it’s plenty niggas in litigation
Sneetches cut your throat to cut time and soften their situations
Serving hard or soft you know me I’m dead with them demonstrations
Haters can’t contest us, K-Y-S I can feel your frustrations
Yes some niggas tried to murk me
Guess those bullets wasn’t meant for me
I’m a catch they ass and burn ’em, you suckas get no sympathy
A menace to my city, I forever live in infamy
And I know your so-called history’s a mystery

I show niggas no pity
Run in my fuckin city
Don’t like it, come and get me
Father please forgive me
I’m a gangster, I’m a hustler
Couldn’t play me for no sucker
I’ll blow the roof up off this muthafucka

Let it burn
Burn, muthafucka, burn

We don’t need no water
These niggas don’t want no drama
I’m a terrorize these streets
Till these fools come get my like Osama
I ain’t ducking or hiding
When I’m out here smoking and riding
Heard there’s a hit on the babyface, bitch it ain’t hard to find him
Must I remind him? Gangster shit ain’t for play
You write this shit on the paper
But I live that shit every day
I seen the biz killed my dude in front of his family like some ho
Every time I hit the stage it’s four police at all my shows
Mother had him, mother love him
Courts and judges, motherfuck ’em
Thousand grammin’ went straight slammin’
In for life, it’s corporate thuggin
Wear the mask, up in all black, you bitches rather be proactive
Talked to Charlie Mack he said I got the city on my back
They call me Bobby Suds since these niggas can’t fade me
He got indicted by a snitching bitch named Stacey
I know these rapper niggas that got my brother’s skrilla thirty five
Said Fred you hot, so these thug niggas gon’ try to be by your side


[Freddie Gibbs – Let Em Burn Lyrics]

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