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Foxy Shazam - October Surf Suitcase Fish Lyrics

Foxy Shazam – October Surf Suitcase Fish Lyrics 

she let all her feelings bundle up inside,
till i told her i was waiting for another girl.
i stuck my nose up one to many times before,
now the blame was calling my name instead.

i got to keep my thoughts a-comin’ cos i gotta live,
i signed the dotted line and i didn’t even read what it said.
i left my feelings on the side of the road,
thank god they never caught up i’d-a lost the contract.

now i wish i would look at you because you’re beautiful,
but you cant fool around i want to tell you all the things
i never told no one before. i want to live until i die.

i got to change my face around before we rob this bank.
i’ve got to kiss her hard jukebox to sullies my mistakes.

october surf suitcase fish shes dying to know,
who’s your daddy?, where were you born?

[Foxy Shazam – October Surf Suitcase Fish Lyrics]

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