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Emeli Sande - Suitcase Lyrics

Emeli Sande – Suitcase Lyrics

Didn’t see it coming
No kind of warning
I can’t walk out without them no

His clothes are missing
but his key’s still here
Please somebody tell me what’s going on

My baby got a suitcase
He’s telling me it’s too late

[Emeli Sande – Suitcase Lyrics]

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  • Hannah Campbell says:

    ive tried really hard to put together exactly what this song is about, but the more i listen to it I really feel that it is about a man who left a woman without warning or a reason. She says “but dont nobody, please dont ask me why” meaning that she doesnt really know what happened and is too hard to talk about. All she did was give him love but he still left. Things changed quickly and she doesn’t know what she has done wrong.

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