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Elliott Yamin - Virginia Lyrics

Elliott Yamin – Virginia Lyrics

A young man with a simple plan,
heading east of L.A.
First time, pass the border line,
going to that old state.
Miles and miles apart by thousands,
so many street signs.
No matter how much further I travels,
you got to keep in mind,

How sweet it is, to know that I’ll be comming home to you,
home to you.

They say that this state makes the heart grow,
Fond of one another,
We’re two lovers separate, but lost without each other.
But lately the storms couldn’t keep me away from you,
I might not be gone for long, but I still be missing you
(As I said ohh)

How Sweet it is, to know that I’ll be coming home to you

Just when I cross that state line,
I know exactly where my heart lies,
Virginia, I’ve comin home to you.

It seems that just I’m coming home to you
Virginia in my heart,
It keeps my soul unite.
How could I spend a nighttime without you (ohh)
I can’t be you [?] whenever I go
And I know that in my soul,
I can always come back on and on to you
Home to you

I’m a california man now, living back in L.A.
and even though, I’m in out of town now,
i wanna say the [?]
laughs and laughs, were touched by the thousand,
in so many piece and signs.
I realise that were it all started, you were always by my side.

I know,
how sweet it is
To coming on home to you yeah
Just when I cross that stateline
I know exactly where my heart lies

Virginia I’m coming back home to you
Virginia I’m coming on home to you
Virginia I’m coming on home to you

[Elliott Yamin – Virginia Lyrics]

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