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Dwele- Some Kinda... Lyrics (feat. Antwan Gardner)

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Dwele- Some Kinda… Lyrics (feat. Antwan Gardner)

A woman young raised by a, a brother sister, sister, mother, father’s love she finds strength the trials of living life fighting for equal rights till she was blessed with love then blessed with life and then blessed again a second son a brother, brother, mother, father but they loves one but she stuck to her guns and withheld from family friends they her two sons they grew up to be men

Love? a beautiful love [Dwele in background]
Some kinda beautiful wonderful
Ain’t love wonderful [Dwele in background]
Some kind a beautiful
Love? [Dwele in background]

A man who met the young woman to make life when he wedded her a dad at the end of the day can say he was a father a father who left his sons too soon and made life a little harder two sons who found strength in his words? words and stories taught from another of some kinda taught through his wife taught from his brothers yeah of his love stories wonderful to tell the proper youth about things his sons were wondering now they know

Of a some kinda beautiful wonderful
Yes [Dwele background]
Some kinda beautiful love
His beautiful love, love? love some kinda beautiful Oh no
Some kinda beautiful wonderful
Some kinda love [background vocals]
Some kinda beautiful love [“Con’t to” x4: while Dwele sings]
Oh some kinda beautiful?beautiful if and when I fall in love I don’t know where I’d be with you some kinda beautiful?beautiful?beautiful [Dwele in background]

Oh ?what’s your kinda love? Your some kinda love? What’s your beautiful? [Repeat twice]

The youngest grows brother to one son to a wife excelled in musical theory as you can see he won’t hesitate to help me express my kinda love his kinda love so hopefully our children’s, children sons and daughters will hear these expressions of our kinda love oooohh

[Dwele- Some Kinda… Lyrics (feat. Antwan Gardner)]

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