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Dream Theater- Far From Heaven Lyrics

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Dream Theater have a new album on the way and it's titled "A Dramatic Turn of Events". In order to promote the new album, the band has premiered different snippets to get the fans excited, and they've succeeded. "A Dramatic Turn of Events" will be released on September 13th, 2011 and Dream Theater's new song, "Far From Heaven" will be featured on this album.

Dream Theater- Far From Heaven Lyrics

No one truly has the answers
Every day I struggle through it once more
Keep things bottled up, never speaking my mind
Misinterpreted, I’m doing just fine

Every day I put a brave face on, serves me well
Feeling helpless, facing it alone, hard to tell
That I can change who I am, how I feel, there’s no end

I have done what you asked of me
Leaves me nothing to live for

Coming undone, way too high a price I should pay
You keep your pride while I die inside every day
No I can’t lie anymore, won’t pretend I’ve done all I can

You can’t imagine the hell I’m going through
Not asking you to save me
I’m too far from heaven

Nothing you can do to change me
But accept me as I am

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