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Dr. Dre - Bar 1 (Skit) Lyrics

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Dr. Dre – Bar 1 (Skit) Lyrics 

Damn girl, it is hotter than a motherfucker up in here
You got that right
I need to go to the bar and get me a drink, please
Shit, what the fuck you want?
Let me get a Cosmo

What the fuck you want?
Damn, I’ll have an apple martini
This motherfucker drunk as a mother
Thirsty bitches
This a drunken-ass nigga

Oh, ooh, shit girl, those niggaz are lookin’ over here!
Oh, shit, don’t look, don’t look
Damn, what’s up, what they look like tho?
Shit, shit, damn, they look, they look aight
They fuckable? What’s up, is they fuckable or what?
Shh, chill out, chill out
Here they come
Here they come! Chill out! Damn

[Dr. Dre – Bar 1 (Skit) Lyrics]

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