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Donald Lawrence - Second Wind Lyrics

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Donald Lawrence – Second Wind Lyrics 

We are people,
People of faith… we know God will do just what he says.
But being honest with ourselves sometimes we struggle with ourselves,
Delay has caused us to question our faith.
I am a person a person of faith,
I know God will do just what he said.
But being honest with myself,
Sometimes I struggle with myself.
Where did the time go… is it slipping away? But I heard God speaking so and he wants me to let you know

You will be as strong now as were then.
Your gift will be as relevant now as was then (when I anointed you) I blew breath in you before,
And I can do it again I AM God and I give second wind (you can breath again)

Your life is not over,
You’re just beginning to live.
Your latter will be greater than your past.
Everything that I promised you I am going to do.
I AM active,
Watching over my word,
I watch over my word.

Breath Again
Breath Again Breath Again Oh, oh, oh, oh Breath again,
Breath Again I command you to breath again.
Sing again
Smile Again
Live Again

I blew breath in you before and I can do it again.
I AM God and I give you second wind.

[Donald Lawrence – Second Wind Lyrics]

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