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Dizzy Wright - Your Type Lyrics (feat. Chel'le)

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Dizzy Wright – Your Type Lyrics (feat. Chel’le)

[Verse 1: Dizzy Wright]
Can’t lie I been watching
Small town she ain’t got alot of options
Cus everybody here stuck in they boxes
Everybody run away from the topic
She ran away from her home on her own
Just a small city girl tryna make it through the nonsense
Seen the big picture
Fell up under her nigga
Now she walking around like I ain’t even want that nigga
I ain’t want that nigga
Hard to hide your emotions
Bottled up with your grip
If you ain’t tryna commit am I just another nigga on the list
Can you tell me what it is
Cus I need to know

Do you like to party with your girls
Or party with your man and rock his world
What type of women are you
Get out the house
In the club just to bop it out
And if that’s not what you about then I need to know
What type of women are you
Do you like to party with your boys
Or be the man a women can enjoy
What type of nigga are you
Get out the house
In the streets when you in a drought
Even if that’s not what your about I need to know
What type of nigga are you

[Verse 2: Dizzy Wright]
Can’t lie been focused
Walked in my life and got a nigga wide open
Can’t waste my time tryna find my voice I mean like
I’m chosen
Getting everything right at the light
Nigga waiting on a green light
Bad break ups never go good
Late night can’t sleep tight
Nigga can’t do shit right
So I spend all my money just to get right
Walk away before it turn into a fist fight
Nigga it’s life
In the pussy [?]
I know a little of the most
You want a black man or a [?]
Is there any room for a nigga
What type of women are you to a nigga
Can you let a nigga know


Baby we should slow it down
Slow it down [x10]

[Verse 3: Dizzy Wright]
Can’t lie why lie
She pray to Jah I talk to God
She work a 9 to 5
Side hustles from time to time
Oh my you so fly
I can see the strength in yo eyes
Have you let the path you been taking stop you from learning from all of them lies
Wait she can’t relate
She can drop it low and get a man today
Same small town girl you know that ran away
(Mhm there she go right there)
Damn what a little nice life you build
Off that put the money in the bag
Do some shit that she can’t take back
Are the type of women that can fight that guilt


[Dizzy Wright – Your Type Lyrics (feat. Chel’le)]

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