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Dizzee Rascal - Temptation Lyrics (feat. Alex Turner)

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Dizzee Rascal – Temptation Lyrics (feat. Alex Turner)

[Verse 1:]
Gotta keep my head above water
Gotta stay head-strong, keep rolling on
No point getting caught in the hype is long
Like I don’t know right from wrong
So I gotta be real
Nothing to prove, I’m still
Big in the hood, I feel
So in control, I’m chill
No one ain’t knocking off Dill
So I stay top on the bill
I’m the main event, the headliner
Went from jungle DJ to rhymer
Never thought I would be the big timer
But I still par it like, yo, it’s a minor
Cause I still rep my ends, still check my friends
Can I keep it up? I guess it all depends
If I can keep my mind right
Don’t get tempted by the limelight
I think I’ll be alright

Temptation leads like your naughty mate
The one that used to get you in bother
The one you can never bring yourself to hate

[Verse 2:]
Can’t avoid the temptation
But I know I gotta change my ways
And keep my nose clean, gotta fix up
Take a look at my life cause I ain’t sixteen
And I ain’t no boy, ain’t no kid
The world ain’t flat and the picture’s big
Certain things that I gotta get rid
And a whole lot more that I gotta get with
So I gotta stay and roam on my own
Gotta move on, I can’t stay at home
Cause I know what’s there is all the same
Crack, cocaine and ghetto fame
Cold hard cash and a bit of a name
And I’ve see it all, so I need a change
Lost too many bredrens to the game
And you could say temptation’s to blame


[Verse 3:]
We used to be tight
Me and my naughty friends
Caused pure madness in the ends
I mean day and night
We robbed, we stole, we loved to fight
Smoking, drinking, joyriding
Drugs, thugs, not law-abiding
Reckless youngsters, no direction
No sign of correction
But then I switched it up, changed my ways
Got in the area like, “Oh my days”
But not my naughty friends, they’re not fazed
Can’t believe that this music pays
See no reason why we can’t do
All the things that we’ve always done
Still in my heart I know that’s just wrong
But it’s hard to fight the temptation, son


[Dizzee Rascal – Temptation Lyrics (feat. Alex Turner)]

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