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Disciple - Watch It Burn Lyrics

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Disciple – Watch It Burn Lyrics 

[Verse 1]
Infiltrated crawling on the inside [Matthew 15:19]
Crooked hands put us all in their chains [John 8:34]
Wrapping nooses all around the halos [Romans 14:16]
Another chemical making my blood insane [Jeremiah 30:13]

We’re so sick of feeling helpless [Psalm 22:11]
We’ve been running this wheel to death [Matthew 11:28-29]
We’re not a mark upon your checklist [Matthew 23:15]
You’re gonna feel it kicking in your chest

We’ve waited far too long
Incinerate this

To all the anarchy inside we can’t escape
Set it off let it all burn down
To all the hell inside that’s been controlling me
Set it off, set it off, watch it all burn down [Matthew 18:8-9 / Romans 12:1-2]

[Verse 2]
Intoxicated drinking all your poison [Isaiah 5:22 / James 3:8]
Your flattery’s got us eating crumbs off your hands [Psalm 55:21 / Daniel 11:32]
It’s gotten far beyond reckless
You’re gonna see it going up in flames [Matthew 18:8-9]

Matthew 18:8-9 / Romans 12:1-2

[Disciple – Watch It Burn Lyrics]

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