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Disciple - Southern Hospitality Lyrics

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Disciple – Southern Hospitality Lyrics 

[Romans 6:11 / Ecclesiastes 12:1-14]

I won’t stand back while the river runs dry
(I’ll) dive in like it depends on my life
I won’t sink down when it’s over my head
The fire in my eyes let’s you know I’m dead
I won’t shut down when the mountains won’t move
Climb to the top if it’s the last thing I do
I won’t slow down when there’s mud on my neck
If you feel safe then you haven’t lived yet [Joshua 1:9]

Take my time, it doesn’t matter if the sky is gray I’m gonna [Matthew 7:24-25]
Take my time, and live like it’s my last day [Psalm 90:12]

Oh Yeah, feel the high
Alright, I feel alive tonight
Oh yeah, rain or shine
It’s a great day to be alive [Deuteronomy 30:19-20]

I won’t slow down when I’m flat on my back
If I fall down then I’ll roll where I’m at
I’m nowhere near done when there’s blood on my lips [Romans 8:35-37]
If you haven’t took a swing then you haven’t lived yet


[Disciple – Southern Hospitality Lyrics]

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