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Disciple - 1, 2, Conductor Lyrics

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Disciple – 1, 2, Conductor Lyrics 

What if the whole world got on their feet and began to cheer for me [Matthew 16:26]
I’d be a puppet on a string spinning all around your stage
Would I seek applause and praise from men in everything I wanted to be [Luke 11:43]
I don’t give a rat’s rear end what they say as long as my God’s happy [John 15:18-21]
If I never please anyone I please you Jesus [Psalm 19:14]
I watch the curtain open up as I stand in front of my only audience [Matthew 6:4,6]
Lord I pray that everything I do will bring a smile to your beautiful face [Psalm 103:1]
Help me to be faithful in all I do that I might bring glory to your name [1 Corinthians 1:31]

[Disciple – 1, 2, Conductor Lyrics]

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