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Dinosaur Jr. - Friends Lyrics

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Dinosaur Jr. – Friends Lyrics

I need a hand, I need a hand
Can you understand, I got no plan
Lookin’ for a new brochure
Just starin’ in the sand

In my defense, in my defense
I feel intense, it all makes no sense
I’m the one who runs in circles
Tell me how it went

I wanted you to make it slow
I wanna have a hand to hold
Now it’s stuck in my throat
Wishin’ that I’d blow

I try and try and get nowhere
I can’t avoid and I can’t stare
It’s not my only thought
But I can’t give it up

I’ve been away, I’ve been away
I’d like to stay but can’t get it straight
I saw you runnin’ sideways
So I hope it’s not to late

I wanted you to bring me there
Drop me off, you know I’m scared
Not sure what I can bring
Or if it means a thing

I wondered what I couldn’t think
I was feelin’ my heart sink
But couldn’t shake it off
Mind was goin’ soft

If you’re here, if you’re here
And I cruise in fear then disappear
Even if you don’t see me
I promise I’ll be near

I wanted you to lose control
I wanted you to hear my soul
And jumble things I’ve strained
And my goal wasn’t reigned

I broke it up to have some space
But nothin’s fallin’ into place
But I can’t get upset
‘Cause I can’t get it yet

[Dinosaur Jr. – Friends Lyrics]

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