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Deitrick Haddon - Inspiration Lyrics

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Deitrick Haddon – Inspiration Lyrics

Let me share my thoughts
To get this point across–to Ya

Everyday I wake up
You’re the first one I gotta talk to (oh yeah)

You know throughout the day
You lead me along the way
All the times ?
I know I can depend on You
You’re my inspiration

You’re my inspiration
Here’s my dedication
Place no one above You
You’ve been my salvation
You’re my inspiration, oh
No one does it better
Glad that we’re together
Here’s my dedication
You’ve been my salvation
You’re my inspiration, oh

I’m so unworthy
But You make me so worthy
My life’s never been the same
Since You touched me
Now I belongs to You

How can I articulate
Let me count the ways
Let’s see
Is it possible cause its like flying throug infinity
But I got a revelation (aye hey hey yea)


You’ve been everything I needed
I won’t ever get it twisted
No one will ever seperate us
Oh, ohh oh no, no
Oh, oh, ohhoohoooh
Oh, oh, ohhoohoooh
Oh, oh, ohhoohoooh
Oh, oh, oh- oh- oh- oh

[Chorus 2x]

[Deitrick Haddon – Inspiration Lyrics]
Thanks to user Joe Ray Jr. for the contribution.

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