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David Banner - 2 Fingers Lyrics (feat. Jagged Edge)

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David Banner – 2 Fingers Lyrics (feat. Jagged Edge)

[CHORUS: Jagged Edge]
See, All we need is a couple lets go act up
Wouldn’t believe the scene up in my black truck
A couple shots of Hennessey
And if you down get down
If you aint 2 fingers PEACE!

Got mine, Got wine to make ’em act up
I got ’em damn near naked in the ‘lac truck
A couple shots of Hennessey
And if you down get down
If you aint 2 fingers PEACE!

[VERSE 1: David Banner]
You can tell by the car we’s some good ?? stars
Quarterbackin’ mackin’ hoes pullin’ ass from the bars
Run it back to the truck
Let her suck on a swish
That got me runnin’ on the duck
Give a fuck she’s a sista
Let her play her position and my mission is to cut
Dat really be blunt man get my dick sucked
Hut one, Hut two then she hiking my balls
Send her back to the club with your bitch on the wall
Fuck boy


[VERSE 2: David Banner]
See the problem with my vail
He be laid don’t give a fuck
He walk off in the club and puttin yo bitches up
But he don’t really want ’em he got bitches in L.A.
And he’s like I can fuck ’em ?? every other day
So come and get your lotion let’s do some oil of olay
Girl come out to the truck or scurry yo ass away
Hey my nigga, respect the pimp
She done have good dick you supposed to lift
Fuck boy


[VERSE 3: David Banner]
Fuckin’ that nigga bad
You lookin’ for yo miss she in the truck up on my ‘lac
You whinin’ and you moanin’
I’m never given her no slack
You run around the corner
I run her out on the track
I never seen a girl that woke up poses like that
Or bring her nigga money and make up 100 stash
When she gets to all that chick I came to ?? push her packs
Everyday, till I day I’m a Mississippi mad mack

[CHORUS x3: Till fades out…]

[David Banner – 2 Fingers Lyrics (feat. Jagged Edge)]

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