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Danny Brown - Change Lyrics

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Danny Brown – Change Lyrics

Author talk in the streets
I’m bout to be none I lay in bed
I miss a second to sleep
blow a blunt, pass out don’t come with no shit wake up
blow another one and still don’t eat
ice smell in the grant prove
to have a root comets I look down on you
I’m humble in two nice but I don’t talk to no nigga
that can look me in my eyes
smoke me boy take the shit and takes your bitch
she know she really want it
I’m just tryin crash the boards like you done us
blow some.. now she all love upon it
used to cash to bust the great legs
so many hoes on me man, dog you know they fake
is where is your hoes at,
when I was tappin hoes and they couldn’t even look back
I’d rather just kick back and fuck with rify high heels
she don’t fuck with Nickie’s
she say papi pull it all inside me
and I don’t do shit lay back and let it ride me
Look, how it all can change
things change start getting some change
same french use the ex for change
the same french use the ex for change
the straight change ’cause they said you change
now look how it all can change
it feels strange when they say you change
but think about it man you change your life,
change your car, change your crib, change your wife
F*ck can I have bunny
bars I know I ain’t never been bummy
and these bitches can’t change me
baby mama shout the move so I treat em all the same
I don’t share things got my own lane
niggas in the hood called me by my government name
expect me in the D use to hustle on 12 street
and I’m from lame wood so you know I’m so hood
should’ve been God murb
but I’m fighting in the deep like you man you stood
nigga see I won’t say two words
when your ass die I wanna say a few words
and my real niggas I take a case for
cock back drop back I’ll take your face for
looks fake and no pride no more
wonder why this real niggas won’t cry no more

[Danny Brown – Change Lyrics]

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